Me. Bearded and all.

I never really fit in. I only had 1 best friend in school and out of school I had my cousin’s… I was always the fat kid with the curly hair and the glasses.

Most everyone steered clear of me. I never knew why. I still don’t.

All I know is that when I hit 8th grade (2008), my body began to change. And not in the “normal” way. Yes, my boobs got bigger and I got a little taller but I started growing facial hair… I never thought it was as bad as it actually was back then. Until people started pointing it out…


Mom: “(insert name), you need to start trimming your facial hair so it’s not as noticable.”

Big bro: “Can I ask you something?”

Me: “….I guess.”

Big bro: “Did you know that you have a beard?”

Me: “Yeah. I did.”

Big bro: ” It’s getting pretty long… Someone is going to say something.”

Me: “I don’t care.” (I was DYING on the inside. I was so hurt)

Guy friend: “Hey (insert name), did you know that you have hair growing out of your chin?” (He said this in front of ALL of my friends)

Me: “Yeah. I know. I don’t care.”

Guy friend: “Well, you should care…”

Other friends: “So what? Why would you blatantly point in out? That’s fucked up.” 

(I couldn’t even speak I was so upset)


I’ve never been so mortified in my entire life. After these encounters, I made sure to shave better to hide the fact I had facial hair. I just wanted to be me again…


One Reply to “Me. Bearded and all.”

  1. I am horrified for you, that the closest people in your life, that SHOULD be your support system had the nerve to make comments to you like that! With friends (or family) like that, who needs friggin enemies. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, and you are too!

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